Rains and Me..!

Today it rained all over me,

Couldn’t feel any light earlier,

I don’t know what is it that is making me feel so good about myself..!!

No i haven’t lost any weight tough..!🙈

Its just the feeling that makes me feel so light ,so comfortable in my own skin and my heart..!

All the heavy feelings have disappeared to an unknown territory..!!

And i don’t want them back

I have cleansed myself in terms of thoughts,ideas,confusion etc

I have no remains of negativity about you anymore,i don’t think about our failed relationship anymore..!!

And today i am not even in that same place..!!

Today i again feel myself..!

I want to be the better version of myself.

#smile #selfcare #love 🌈


Have you ever felt so empty inside that the emptiness even has even got the power of erupting volcano inside refusing to come out of you???..burning you all inside..!!

Has the emptiness ever withheld you so much that it stops you to jump out of the bed or explore something new?

Yes it happens and maybe all of us are just thinking about whats killing us all inside right now..right here..!!!..

Whats the solution??

Ever thought of that??

Here just you have to learn the art of loving and healing yourself..!!

Catch the one person who you know is the most trustworthy cry it out and ask for help there is no shame

Treat yourself well get on the rage of improving yourself..listening to music does helpDon’t isolate yourself and surround with most positive people

I find them in my parents.

So just smile and shine its life

All happens for a while..!!